"BST made" EMU successfully enter European market

Release time:  2020-08-04

Early morning of July 25, 2020, the first batch of 200 km / h EMUs produced by BST was loaded and shipped to Germany at Qianwan wharf of Qingdao port. This is one of the few European orders that China's EMU manufacturing industry has received so far, and it is one of the first batch of EMUs exported to Sweden, a developed country in northern Europe.

The order of EMUs exported to Sweden is jointly signed by BST and Bombardier, with a total of 45 trains, which is the first oversea EMU project of BST. The product of the project is three car EMUs, with the speed of 200km/h, the length of the whole train is 83 meters, the width is 3.45 meters, the maximum bearing capacity is 270 people, and the design life is 30 years, which conforms to the European Union railway Interconnection Technical specification (TSI). The EMU is equipped with low floor slab car to realize the intercommunication between wheelchair and platform. Heating device, high-performance thermal insulation material and other methods are adopted in the design of the car, so as to ensure the normal operation of the product under the harsh environment of minus 40℃. Its overall detailed design and about 70% of the final assembly are completed in BST, and Bombardier completes the vehicle assembly in Germany and delivers it to the final customer, Västtrafik, Sweden.

The delivery of the first batch of cars marks that BST's design and manufacturing level is fully recognized by the European high-end market, and it marks the success of BST in overseas markets.

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