BST successfully passed the supervision and audit of energy management system

Release time:  2020-08-04

On December 18, 2019, the audit team of China Quality Certification Center announced that BST had passed the supervision and audit of energy management system on the final meeting of energy management system supervision and audit. The system was running well and agreed to pass the certification.

The audit team conducted a comprehensive and systematic supervision and audit on the company's energy management system through interviews, data access and on-site audit in two days from December 17 to 18. After comprehensive analysis, the audit team believes that the energy management system of BST is perfect and the implementation of energy saving measures is effective. The corresponding energy consumption targets and performance parameters have been established to meet the requirements of GB / t23331-2012 / iso50001:2011 energy management system requirements and Rb / T 119-2015 energy management system mechanical manufacturing enterprise certification requirements.

Energy saving and consumption reduction is the eternal theme of the healthy development of enterprises. It is also an obligatory social responsibility. Through the supervision and audit, energy management system of BST has been optimized and improved. All departments have a more systematic understanding of the operation of the energy management system. BST will draw inferences from one instance, making practical corrections and improving the energy management level.

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