CRH1A-A EMU of Coach

Release time:  2019-05-08


       •     Brand-new interior design, fully representing the modern and harmonic image of EMU

•     Aluminium carbody, providing good airtightness and water tightness performance

•     Train front designed in a slender and streamlined shape, providing excellent aerodynamic performance and side wind stability

•     Adoption of advanced second generation of Bombardier TCMS MitracT hardware devices, characterized with high integration, strong processing capability and superior intelligence

•     Good crashworthiness performance with full consideration of EMU’s passive safety

•     With the help of the advanced fire prevention concept, the EMU can continue operation within 15 minutes in case of emergency and stop at the next convenient place for evacuating crew and passengers on board

•     Application of regenerative braking technique, optimizing the ratio of electric braking

•     Comfortable and quiet