Release time:  2018-12-17

        CR400AF EMUs are power-distributed China standard EMUs with an operative speed of up to 350km/h. In October 2017, the translation of the technology for manufacturing CR400AF EMUs to BST was carried out, and on June 29th 2018, BST was awarded the “railway rolling stock manufacturing license “ by the State Railway Administration for CR400AF EMU manufacturing. whereby, BST had obtained officially the license to manufacture the "Fuxing" EMU, i.e. CR400AF.

•     Very long life design of max. 30 years;

•     The design of low resistance, streamline and smoothness greatly reduces the energy consumption;

•     The intelligent sensory system has built up a powerful surveillance system and higher safety;

•     Multiple lighting control modes provide various lighting conditions on passenger demand; Full WIFI coverage in the compartment makes the ride more comfortable;

•     Interoperability design makes it feasible to simultaneously control and multiple operate the EMUs manufactured by different car builders under different technical specification and drawings