Li Minggang, Deputy Head of Chengyang District Visits AST

Release time:  2022-07-07



On March 29, Li Minggang, the Deputy Head of Chengyang District visited AST for inspection, with the principal officials of Bureau of Finance, Development and Reform Bureau, Statistics Bureau, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Taxation Bureau and Jihongtan sub-district office of Chengyang District. Chairman and Deputy General Manager Ni Shengyi, HR&ADM Director Zhao Xijing, FIN Director Wang Shaoai, and PM Director Yao Guomin attended the discussion.

Li listened to the report on AST’s production capacity and revenue in Q1 and the current project status, and he thought positively about AST’s business and operation. Li said that the district government would deeply analyze the difficulties AST faced, and provide corresponding solutions and supports to help AST achieve continuous, healthy and high quality development.


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