BST held the commendation meeting of excellent teams, outstanding employees and outstanding employees in the production department

Release time:  2020-08-04

        In order to stimulate the work enthusiasm of employees and fully mobilize their enthusiasm and initiative, on January 15, 2020, the commendation meeting of excellent production teams, outstanding employees and outstanding employees with the theme of "Uniting strength to create brilliance again" was held in the seventh conference room of the South Factory. The meeting was presided over by Xu Shaochun. Liu Jie, chairman and deputy general manager of the company; Zhao Xijing, director of human resources and administration department; Yan ye, director of technical service department; Song Li, director of quality management department; and Shi liming, director of production department.

First of all, 8 excellent teams, 19 excellent employees and 60 excellent employees in the production line of 2019 were commended and awarded. Excellent team leader Zhang Chunyu and excellent employee Zhang Hu spoke respectively as representatives. They expressed their gratitude to the leaders at all levels of the company for their affirmation on the front-line staff and their support. In the future, they will continue to work hard to do their work well, continuously improve the safety operation skills and quality awareness, perform their duties and fulfill their responsibilities, and better complete the production instructions issued by the company and workshop leaders at all levels.

Later, Shi liming, director of production department, encouraged the winning teams and individuals - awards and honors only represent the past. I hope that everyone can take this as a starting point to continue to do a good job in safety, quality, efficiency, progress and other aspects in 2020, so as to further improve the quality of product manufacturing, make persistent efforts, and achieve better results. At the same time, Mr. Shi suggested that each award-winning employee should share the joy of winning the honor with their families, and thank their families for their support and understanding.

Finally, Liu Jie, chairman and deputy general manager, delivered an important speech. First of all, he extended warm congratulations to the teams and individuals who were commended, and expressed his most sincere thanks to the employees who worked hard in various positions of production. Then, he made a strategic analysis on the domestic and international markets and the future development of BST. He encouraged the winning teams, individuals and all the production line staff to take "national business card - manufacturer of China's high speed rail" as glory and do a good job in their work.

In 2020, another 20 years of BST have begun. BST production front-line staff, in line with the belief that quality is the life of the enterprise and that all staff should participate in safety production, seize the day, forge ahead and create brilliance together!

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