BST VR (virtual reality) laboratory completed and put into use

Release time:  2020-08-04

        The VR Laboratory of BST has been put into use. The laboratory was completed on September 26, 2019. The construction of the laboratory was supported by PE team of Technical Service Department, IT team of Project Management Department and Procurement Department.

In the process of product development, VR laboratory uses virtual reality technology to create engineering virtual prototype, carries out design optimization, performance simulation, ergonomic analysis and assemblability research based on the real physical characteristics of products, so as to realize the closed-loop iteration of "design analysis improvement", change "after physical verification" to "first virtual simulation", saving product development costs and shortening the cost development cycle, improving the effect of design quality.

At present, the ENG department has completed the project navigation training, and the trainees have learned and produced the interference inspection of CRH380D EMU opening and closing mechanism, side window and cable assembly, man-machine engineering of cab and passenger compartment, etc.

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