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Qinghai-Tibet Tourist Passenger Cars

Release time:  2018-12-17


•     International first-class and moveable five-star hotel trains;

•     The design is based on the vehicle level concept not single car concept; and the trains are equipped with luxurious sleeper cars, dining cars and tourist cars;

•     The tourist car and dining car can be used for and function as touring, catering, administration and meeting centers.

•     Luxurious double-bed sleeper compartments are equipped in the sleeper train, and its interior covers a big double bed, dressing table, wine cabinet, TV, coat room, shower room and toilet etc.

•     The environment friendly and natural materials are selected and adopted as far as possible, for example the onyx stone walls in shower room, white oak cabinets and real wood floors, leather handrails etc.;

•     The oxygen supply equipment are also provided to satisfy the safety and comfort requirement for passengers’ plateau travel;

•     IP telephones and WIFI system are equipped in the train;

•     The train is equipped with VoD, Satellite TV and meeting system as well.